My name is Eitil, I grew up in Stockholm in a family of artists, my mother is a sculptor and my father is a painter. From an early age I was encouraged to experiment and follow my own path. After I finished school I worked in the fashion industry for many years and it was a great experience but after a while I wanted to create another outlet for my creativity. I saw commercial fashion as something very restrictive and longed for something without rules or limitations. I wanted to have the freedom to choose when, where and how to work. And I wanted to paint. So I rented a studio and invested in a large format inkjet printer, I named my project Peytil because that was my nickname as child. I have a minimalistic approach to art and design and I love the spontaneous expression of a simple black line. 

I always recommend taking my prints to a local framer, not only to ensure the best visual result, but also to reduce our environmental impact by avoiding unnecessary shipping. I only use high quality papers and sustainable printing methods, to ensure long lasting beauty and value.